Welcome to Lulabee!

Lulabee is home studio run business filled with little details and love.
When you start to plan your own wedding, its easy to understand how you can feel overwhelmed! There is so much to think about, so many pins on pinterest... where on earth do you start! I am here to help with the little details that go into your wedding.
If you want to create a personal touch and wow your guests, Lulabee is the place to be, the little details go a long way! Whether its through wedding stationery and pulling colours and themes together, leaving a personalised favour on the tables for your guests or putting up signs that tell a story about you both, Lulabee wants to help!


My Name is Laura, also known as Lulu, Lula or Lu. 

I live in a pretty little cottage in Wiltshire with my husband Sam.
Growing up Sam and I have both been very “hands on” people. In 2011 we bought a piece of land and together built our first house from the ground up! We both L o v e projects. We’ve have since moved into a 300+ year old cottage that we are renovating (and you can follow our journey on instagram if you like here, and we are also planning a new studio for Lulabee down by the river in the garden.

After organising my own wedding, I knew it had to continue, so I took a leap of faith and shortly after Lulabee was born. I strived for perfection in every little detail of our wedding, and it paid off. My friends and family were just amazed at the amount of work and intricate detail I had given them.

This is where Lulabee comes in.

I love nothing more than helping people, so for me, this is my dream. I want to help people achieve the best wedding day they could ever dream of, it’s one of the biggest days of your lives. It’s your chance to express yourselves and ‘push the boat out’, because you are going to remember this day for years to come.