Favour Bags

Lulabee likes to offer something a little bit different. These a perfect way to keep you guests entertained and to help everyone interact whilst seated. (They also look really cute under a jar favour!) Paper bags come in a choice of colours.

You can include anything you like inside! Some examples are: 
* A personal message  * Menu  * A photograph * Instagram Message
* Wedding libs  * Words of wisdom * Bride and Groom Questionnaire * I Spy
Pencils can be included for 25p each!


There is a small upfront fee of £20.00 to cover the design period. I will create a bespoke design for you in keeping with your wedding invitations. If you have already purchased a package for your stationery suit this will already be included.

£1.25 for 2 cards of your choice & paper bag
£1.50 for 3 cards of your choice & paper bag
£1.75 for 4 cards of your choice & paper bag
£2.00 for 6  cards of your choice & paper bag
* Standard sizing is 6"x4" Cards and 5"x7" Bag