Pink and Gold Inspiration

"it's me" - couldn't resist!

So as always, my new years resolutions don't quite stick to their original plans. My blog was sort of neglected, almost instantly. However! From now I am going to consistently write on here, with inspiration, updates, love stories, recommendations and so much more!

Every week I will be posting lots of gorgeous inspirational colour palettes!
Pinterest is heaven on earth - but it can be quite overwhelming! I however think choosing colours/ themes are a great starting point when planning the further details for your wedding.
For me anyway, when it comes to stationery, colour palettes are where my research blossoms.

This weeks colour inspiration is
Gold is going to be really big this year, I can feel it! It goes so well with so many colours, so don't be surprised if you find me matching gold and plum, gold and powder blue, gold and peach, gold and peacock green... you get the idea! Gold is amazing!

Photos are courtesy of the wonderful pinterest.

I'll be back next week!

Laura x